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When adrenaline kicks in...

Ahaha Winnie just gets more and more awake as it gets deeper into the night!! (and productivity becomes inversely proportional to the time of the night...)

Ahhhhh and yet again, I am dying with school work! My final tissue engineering presentation is tomorrow (technically today) and.....I'm not even done my research. >___< It is 2:07 am!! *sighs* I'm aiming to get it done in the next 45 minutes so I can at least start studying for my quiz.....a 423 quiz. I've been failing miserably in that class in literally everything. I'm probably standing at a D+ in that class right now....if i fail this quiz again (which is quite probable) i might as well just fail this class all together. (But if I get 100% on the final....maybe I can bump it back up to an A-? Ok i'm being just a bit too ambitious here...I'll take a B. I swear....B is all i want.)

Random fangirling moment of the night....BWAHAHAHA w-inds. is collaborating with Big Bang!!! Ohohohoho didn't expect it to be a w-inds fangirling moment, did you? I'm just really excited about this because I LOVE BIG BANG!! (Just for clarifications, i'm not talking about the Big Bang Theory....i love that too, but that's a sitcom. I'm talking about the Korean band Big Bang) I'm sure I still love w-inds....although the love died down tremendously ever since high school.

I had a whole bunch of Jelly Bellies today, thanks to Tia! She's such a sweet person, making everyone little easter treats even though she's getting bombarded with school work. I have established that my favourite flavour so far is Lemon Lime and the Toasted Marshmellow (yes, i googled the flavours cause I was too paranoid with what i was putting in my mouth). But mind you, I still have quite a bit of Jelly Bellies left so I'm pretty excited to try them out tomorrow!

OK back to work i go!! Teeehehehe and before i go....HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAMAPI!!! Haha so i didn't miss his birthday after all! ^__^ Oooohhh my lovely Pipi is all grown up now! (but he really needs so do some work with his new hair...ughhh so horrible)


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Apr. 10th, 2009 01:55 am (UTC)
How did your presentation go?

lol Nice. Fangirling at 2 in the morning :D!
Apr. 10th, 2009 05:19 am (UTC)
OH god that was the WORST presentation ever. I blanked out like crazy...i think my mind just decided to shut down on my around that time of the evening. I ended up stuttering like crazy and read everything off the slides. =S
Apr. 11th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
=/ *pat pat* I think I read off my paper a lot in my presentation. and even if I didn't, my friends sure did. lol

On a brighter note, everyone will probably forget as soon as exams kick in. Cheer up!
Apr. 10th, 2009 10:47 pm (UTC)
Nooo no don't worry ^^ I'm sure it didn't go as badly as you thought! LOL it always seems worse at the time ^^

Oh man, I can't believe I missed Yamapi's b-day! Awww TTATT what kind of a fangirl AM I? *is ashamed* I'll have to watch out for the next one....Koyama is it?? Must check XD (I feel guilty for falling out of my initial uber NEWS obsession LOL)

Yaaay for w-inds fangirling! I loved the PV's you showed me! Awww Keita-chan!! *glomples* So cute....and then so hot...He never lets me down XD Hehe we'll have to watch more together *__*
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