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Eavesdropping in the loft

Guy: I hate chem labs. This shit is fucking 15 pages long, and we have to hand it in at the end of class.
Girl: I know what you mean. My TA is soooo stupid.
Guy: I don’t get what’s happening in this stupid class. If only I was good at chemistry, then maybe I’d enjoy doing these labs a little bit more.
Girl: Yea i know.
Guy: (reads his lab) Hey, what the fuck is an absolute extrema?
Girl: Err..... *long silence* I think this is the part where everyone skipped....yea I’m sure you don’t need to know.
Guy: They fucking throw these terms around the lab that I can’t understand. I’m gonna be skipping Wednesday’s class and the class next week too.
Girl: Ok, i’ll give you my notes.

*sighs* How clueless these first years are. If he plans ahead on skipping classes, then no wonder he doesn't know what an absolute extrema is (which I'm sure the majority of highschool students can answer his question). I wish they would sit further away from my table so I don’t have to hear them complain about their lousy chemistry labs.

Beyond Horrible Customer Service

Wow honestly, I hate Chinese people. Being Chinese myself, it's really sad that there are a huge portion of these people who makes the entire Chinese population look bad. Chinatown is infested with these 'bad' Chinese people. They are notorious for bad customer service, what I experienced today was beyond bad customer service.

So I went downtown to Dragon City after school today with Tiffany for a sushi lunch. Afterward, we were browsing through videos at the pirated dvd store across from Qalala. I was looking for a specific Chinese drama (one that I have troubles downloading because of the lack of seeders) so Tiffany was helping me go through the giant pile of discs. As we were looking, we started talking about corny drama titles and how they crack us up, so we ended up looking through almost all the discs just to read the drama titles. But out of nowhere, this douche bag store owner came out from behind us and said that they were closing and asked us to leave.

Uhhhh, ok. Closing at 1:45pm?

I gave him a wtf stare. He said we were "chi lung seen". "Chi seen" was bad enough itself (means crazy in chinese) but I had to emphasize the "lung" part because of it is a heavy swear word in chinese. He also said that we standing there for too long, messing up his discs,not buying his shit, told us to go away....and so on (with swearing, of course). My question is, who the fuck wouldn't take their time to go through the pile of junk if they are trying to find something specific to PURCHASE? And how were we messing up the discs when they were already a mess to begin with? I question how much that store values their customers. I wouldn't even call that bad customer service, it was just down-right rude and insulting.

Although that was probably the worst attack from an Asian store that I've been to, I'm actually not as furious as most people would be. I just find it so, so sad that people like him are making Chinese people look bad. At least now I know I will never, ever go back there and I will discourage everyone else from going there as well if you don't want to be randomly verbally attacked by hongers. I told my mom about it, and she told my dad, and now my dad plans on going back to bash the guy for good. Lol, I love Asian parents. Too bad for the store, they just lost a regular customer (considering that my dad buys a lot of fan ban dvds).



I never would've imagined that I would be doing something that is almost identical to the DNA cloning experiment that I did in Bio20E. This is super amazing! Everything about suspending and resuspending cells, the incubator, centrifuge machine, micropipettes, plasmids, restriction enzymes...omg I almost wanted to squee out loud in the lab. Except my prof and my lab partner would think that I'm a fag for being too passionate over this long and boring experiment.

Work is actually much better than I've expected. I'm enjoying it a lot, and the people I work with are awesome! <3 I bet no other biomed kids are enjoying their practicum as much as I am!!! BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHA XDXD

The joy of having morning classes

I wonder why i never came home early on mondays. Class ends at 11:00...and if i don't have any labs, i could be home by 12:30. O.o It feels good to be home so early....it felt like your day hasn't even started yet, but you've already sat through three lectures already.

My easter weekend was amazingly uneventful....i don't remember getting off my chair any longer than 20 minutes. And i don't think i've gotten much work done too. I blame all that for the final report that i have to do for the goldberg project. O.o Google sketchup is so...difficult. I spent 2 hours the other night trying to figure out how to make a spiral. I attempted drawing one arc at a time and eventually build my way up the ladder....but they always end up...distorted. And then when i thought i got it right, the program tells me that i can't build shapes from these curves...which totally destroyed my wonderful idea. I think i'll have better luck drawing this on paper....at least i won't waste another night trying to figure out a dumb program.

I'm officially declaring cold war on my sister. She...is so unbelievable...i spent the entire friday morning entering HKSA membership information into a spreadsheet for her. There are 176 members...entering each individual ID numbers and names into a spreadsheet....would take several hours. She should've done this since September....why she left it till April is beyond me. So here i am, doing her job because she "urged" me to help her out so badly...as if i was responsible for her laziness. And when i am doing the work, she bounces into the living room, picks up the phone, and starts chatting away with her friends and making partying planes with each other. !#$(!()#$*@! I don't understand why i'm even doing this for her...but i guess i'm only doing something good for HKSA, not for her. But the amazing thing is, i finished all this work, and she doesn't even show a single bit of appreciation for the hours i spent doing boring work that she was too lazy to do. And to add on to that, she bitches at me for trivial things that are not even worth mentioning. This is what i get for doing work for her. Why do i even bother...when i have finals to study for and assignments to finish and reports to write up. Maybe it's because i still care a little bit, but from what i get in return, i don't give a shit anymore.

I am camming with Alex right now and he's in the programming lab, talking to Rachel. Lol it's very interesting to see who's in the computer lab....kinda stalkerish.

Only thing i'm looking forward to now is the Vancouver trip at the end of the month. Apparently, i get to meet my cousin and her husband from Toronto when i go. I also get to see my aunt from Toronto too...and it'll be a big family reunion. =) I'm kinda excited for that...since i don't even remember the last reunion. Also, i get to meet the infamous vancity pretty boy. *pictures Colin waving giant flag* Haha...i wonder what it'll be like.

Kallos is officially my hero. Ph.D. Chemical engineering, currently working in the area of biochemical and biomedical engineering. Research interests: Tissue engineering, bioreactor design, cell culture, biotechnology, animal cells, neural stem cells, hepatic oval stem cells, serum-free medium development, chemical reactor kinetics.


That's almost....everything i want to be...all summed up into one awesome ENGG 201 professor. Bonus points for him because he's one of the few profs who has facebook. XDDD I better do well in 201. Can't let my hero down with a poor final grade!

Today on my way home, i caught up with the twins at the 8th street trainstation...and i saw the most amazing thing ever. They were talking to each other. =O I have never seen the twins engage each other with a conversation before....and also....i saw laughter in Louis' face. Wow...it was almost too beautiful to be true. I walked up to them and i was probably grinning like a maniac...but it's nice to talk to them again. Although we're in the same engg classes, i rarely talk to them face to face. Today, they were both chatting with me about random things that we used to talk about....anime, games, movies, girls...just typical stuff that i always talk to them about. It almost felt like grade 10 again...and at that moment i was actually thinking to myself...if Betsy was here with me, it would be a perfect reunion. ^^ Sometimes, i think small things like talking to an old friend can really brighten up my day.

Better get back to some hardgaycore studying! Can't mess up my exams....must aim for 3.5!! ^__^

Now i figured why staying at school to study is much more effective than staying at home to study. Every time i come home relatively early (say 3 or 4 in the afternoon?) i end up falling asleep on the couch for a sweet four hour nap. But i won't be so sweet on thursday when i see myself failing another 201 quiz. Programming labs are helpful...they force you to cram it all the night before it's due so that i can stay at school till 10:00pm at night with nothing better to do other than to study. Or...cozy up at a random place and watching movies on his laptop. XDD

Today after classes i went to 253 labs to see if my group needed help on the goldberg machines. I'm actually kinda disappointed how quickly the goldberg project went by...i didn't even get the chance to be creative with it. At least our project didn't turn out like crap...it just looks like a lot of wood with all kinds of tape holding its life together. From the looks of it, it's probably gonna work fine. At least my goldberg works 99% of the time....i dunno about other people's. Aiii whatever.....my hopes for 253 is like completely shattered. >.<

Ah, now that the semester is coming to an end...i feel like i'm gonna miss first year. No more being the noobish frosh, getting lost around campus, and cocky first year engg student. After this semester, i'd get to choose my field of study...something that i've been working my ass for, and something that will shape the rest of my life. *sighs* I hear high pitched voices in my head, screaming to me "what should i do? what should i do?!" Well i do know what i want to do.....the question is if i could do it. Aiii....3.5 is so...scary. I just can't help but worry...especially after those near-failing midterm marks.

W-innie got HAXED ^^

Hello everyone, my name is lexifur, and i am here to announce that w-innie got haxed by the infamous lexifur.
So i shall start my rant.
i love winnie

lexifur and dolly.

Stolen from betsy...

Your English Skills:

Spelling: 80%
Grammar: 60%
Punctuation: 60%
Vocabulary: 0%

LOL...this is why i'm an engineer and not an english major XD

Programming LOVE!!! <333

Lol i can't believe i actually said that....and i'm actually enjoying the course right now. =O You see, i got off class at 2:00pm today. I didn't leave the school till 5:00pm....i stayed in the computer lab and programmed. I did exactly what the prof told us to do....go to a computer and play around with it. And now that i'm home, my sister found me a c++ software...and i'm doing more programming. HAHAHAHAHA this is life. This is fun. This is joy. (LOL i'm not even being sarcastic) I'm happy because i understand this stuff. I'm happy because i already finished lab 2.....yes...the lab that we are supposed to do next wednesday. HAHAHAHAHA.

cout <<"Programming is funnn!" <<endl;

More surveying ^^

[Name] Winnie
[Nickname] Wee-chan, Winwin, Weenee
[Screen name] most of the time it's chibiwinwin
[Birthday] August 26
[Astrological sign] Virgo
[Chinese zodiac sign] Dragon
[Location] Canada
[Religion] Atheist :3
[Eye color] Brown
[Height] 5' 4"
[Shoe size] 7 and 1/2
[Parents still together] Yeah
[Siblings] 1 sis
[Nieces/Nephews] not any time soon i'm guessing
[Pets] none =(
[In school/graduated] Graduating highschool in like...a few months =S
[What do you drive] A tonka toy truck (because i am just so qualified to drive...haha)

[Color] Blue
[Number] 26
[Animal] Puppies? haha i'm not really an animal lover
[Vehicle] Smart cars and buggies XD (not a car lover either)
[Flower] Cherry blossoms (even though i've never seen any before)
[Scent] Fresh smell of laundry...haha
[Drinks] TEA!!!
[Soda] [Pop] Mountain Dew
[Book] Yes because i am such a book fan...har har...I always loved Speak though
[Band] w-inds. obviously ^___^
[Song] I'm listin' em all. :3 <== same here haha

* Shiki - w-inds.
* D-tecnolife - UVERworld
* CHANCE! - UVERworld
* Superlover - w-inds.
* See You... - melody
* Let Go - m-flo loves Yoshika
* Kageboushi - w-inds.

Do you...
[Color your hair?] red highlights only
[Have tattoos?] no...haha
[Have Piercings?] I'm the biggest wuss in the world...
[Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?] pffftttt who needs one
[Cheat on tests/homework?] i'm the biggest hater of cheaters...yet i cheat in chinese tests sometimes too T.T
[Drink/Smoke?] Nope
[Like roller coasters?] LUUURRRVVVV IT!
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] Calgary isn't so bad...but it's way to boring i'd say. I want to live in Japan or Hong Kong for a few years just to have fun and get tons of shopping done ^_^
[Want more more piercings?] Erk no.
[Like cleaning?] Once in a blue moon...
[Write in cursive or print?] Print...my cursive writing used to be beautiful...in grade 4 =.=
[Own a web cam?] Yuppers
[Know how to drive?] HAHAHAHAHAHA trying...TRYING!
[Diet?] Also trying...*hides from Betsy's death glares* Betsy: YOU'RE BLATANTLY CHEATING!!
[Own a cell phone?] My Killua-chan V2 Ryuichi-kun! (yes...i renamed my phone. Poor killua lol)
[Ever get off the damn computer?] I'm getting better at getting off the computer these days

Have you ever...
[Gotten a speeding ticket?] Never got the chance to speed
[Been in a wreck?] nope
[Been arrested?] Nope
[Been in a fist fight?] don't think so
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] haha yea..but i don't think i caused much harm anyways
[Stolen anything?] I think everyone shoplifts for candy when they were young :P
[Held a gun?] water gun, lasertag gun...that's about it (i want an electron gun!)
[Drank?] Not yet!! Not gonna lose my drinking bet lol
[Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name?] *points to previous question*
[Considered a life of crime?] uhhh no...
[Cheated on someone?] never had the chance either
[Cried over a girl?] Not that i could remember
[Cried over a boy?] ...... (do i even need to elaborate on this one?)
[Lied to someone?] Everyone's lied in their life at least once. -_- <== agreed
[Been in love?] i think i've always been really close to being in love but i was just never...there yet
[Fallen for your best friend?] haha, all the time! I love them all!
[Made out with JUST a friend?] lol that would be exciting
[Been rejected?] o_O.......... =.=......T.T.......>.<
[Been in lust?] Only when i'm fantisizing about ryuichi....BWHAHAHA
[Used someone?] yea.....and i do feel bad for it
[Been used?] Maybe. I might've just not've known it. :/
[Been cheated on?] They always cheat on me! *pouts*
[Been kissed?] Haha all i remember is that William kissed me on my cheeks saturday right before Betsy left...hahaha

[Current mood] Sleepy
[Current taste] Colgate Luminous Toothpaste
[Current hair] Down...normal hair
[Current thing I ought to be doing] sleeping
[Current CDs in stereo] a w-inds. CD that i burned a while ago
[Current crush] Like...still him...which i've been dying to let go for the longest time...
[Current job] Koryo is fun ^_^

The last time...
[Last book you read] Ehehehehehehe....the Woman's Best Erotica book.....eheheheheh ^^;;
[Last movie you saw] Last movie i saw in a theatre was Memoirs of a Geisha...but my sister was putting on some chinese movie just a while ago
[Last thing you ate] some T$T bread
[Last person you talked to on the phone] Uuummm....i seriously don't remember....either Betsy or Vicky

Do you...
[Do drugs?] no
[Have a dream that keeps coming back?] The one with the light pole...when i was a kid,i dreamed of a lightpole spanking me >.>
[Play an instrument?] Flute..when i was still in Band. I sometimes catch up on my piano playing too
[Believe there is life on other planets?] I actually don't believe that
[Remember your first love?] Haha yea. sure.
[Still love him/her?] o_O Uh huh...?
[Read the newspaper?] Like never lol
[Have any gay friends?] don't know anyone gay, but i've seen gay people in my school
[Believe in miracles?] Not really...i've become bitter about this stuff
[Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?] I don't think it's possible, but it happens so *shrugs*
[Consider yourself tolerant of others?] Definitely not...
[Consider love a mistake?] So far...yes
[Have a favorite candy?] ummmm...those chocolate candy that comes in a tube..haha dunno what they're called
[Believe in astrology?] I read for fun...it never makes sense to me though
[Believe in magic?] It's hard not to believe when you see it...haha
[Believe in God?] Nope
[Do well in school?] Yeah.
[Go to or plan to go to college] Yeah...engineering is gonna be my life lol
[Wear hats?] Only at work
[Hate yourself?] Sometimes...when i do something really worth hating
[Have an obsession?] Ryuichi? psshhh...everyone knows that!
[Have a secret crush?] Not so secret anymore
[Do they know yet?] I did everything i could've done to inform him...but i guess i'm not the type of person he would want to be with ^^;;
[Collect anything?] Not really
[Have a best friend?] More like a small bunch of girlfriends
[Close friends?] Of course
[Like your handwriting?] no it's fugly
[Care about looks?] I spend a fair amount of time trying to improve it...

Love life
[First crush] Why the hell do they as so much about this lovey stuff? Well...first crush was way back in elementary...don't even remember who was the first one
[First kiss] like...not yet?
[single or attached?] Single
[Ever been in love?] -_-
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] That's exactly what happened to me dude...
[Do you believe in "the one?"] I used to...actually i still do
[Describe your ideal significant other] Someone who understands. Someone who clicks. Someone who cares. That's like...more than enough.

Juicy stuff...
[Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?] Not that i could remember...or i may have chickened out
[Are you a tease?] haha i've been called a tease before....i think it was Rocky who called me that lol
[Shy to make the first move?] HAH. HAHAHA. This is actually something that i am proud of. I feel like the first move i made really changed my life...

Are you a...
[Wuss] Depends on the situation
[Druggy] Nope.
[Daydreamer] I tend to do this too much...
[Freak] Nope.
[Dork] lol more like a geek
[Brat] Maybe to my sister
[Sarcastic] oh no of COURSE not!
[Angel] *cough* of course
[Devil] i'm not that evil either
[Shy] Shyer than the usual person
[Talkative] sometimes, depending on mood