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The life and times of an engineer

I guess now that I finally made it out with a decently (well kinda more than decently) awesome job, life is actually good. I am feeling myself becoming more and more like a competent engineer that I pictured myself to be so long ago. It feels good to be in rhythm with life again and just getting into the normal daily routine.

Did I mention how much I love my job? At first I never gave much thought into what a reservoir engineer means...to me it seems like an easy way to get my foot in the door. But after a couple of weeks, this is seriously everything I wanted. It has the perfect mix of technicality and applications of theory in order to do my job well. I feel like I actually didn't waste my education on something that I will never have to use outside in real life. I feel important and with this job I feel like I am taken seriously. It is very hard to explain this satisfaction...it's just something I have never felt before.

Today I have worked for about 10 hours straight trying to get my depletion reviews in place for Wednesday and Thursday. The stress in making these presentations remind me of school so much that I get a high from the workload. It's really quite creepily awesome that I love/hate school so much. After work I went to Koto sushi lounge for dinner and it was a real treat! The sashimi was perfect, the sauce with the ika geso was amazing, and most delicious of all was their shrimp wasabi aioli roll (or whatever fancy name it was). Although Bryan and I have both had ok experience with Koto, we were super impressed with how good it is! So definitely worth it!

In the next few weeks, I will die from over work because of depletion review season. When I come out of it alive, let's just hope that I am a better engineer.

May is so far booked full of events. Well first off at the end of April, there is Karman's stagette. My first stagette!! It will be epic I'm sure. Then I have mother's day brunch in banff. Then the week after is karman's big wedding..and then after, it's San Fran with my favorite person. I am super excited for May! I just hope I am alive and healthy after April.

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